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Software design and development

Full stack design and development

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps and games
  • Native applications

Our goals

We develop websites, games, services and applications to solve technical challenges or for entertainment. We aim for simple yet effective software with a emphasis on security en reliability. We like to keep up with new technologies but are not carried away by the fad of the moment. Technologies we like to use have proven themselves, are under active development and offer great added value. All of these are good indicators of a technology's lasting longevity.

Below is a non-exhaustive overview of our in house experience and services.

Responsive website design

The introduction of mobile devices has hardly slowed the importance of the world wide web. Website technology has evolved to easily handle the challenges in terms of screen sizes that phones and tablets had introduced. More and more of the new capabilities of mobile devices are supported by web browsers. Because of the standards that most web browsers adhere to the web offers a platform for creating a single solutions for all kinds of devices that can be accessed from any place with internet access.

HTML5 and CSS3 are indispensable for modern websites. Combined with Javascript tools like jQuery we can build beautiful, interactive websites with a user experience that rivals native applications.

Server side technologies

Websites today are more than a pretty picture in a client browser window. A major part of a web application can often be found on the server. We know our way around various forms of Windows or Linux hosting, be it on a dedicated server or a cloud platform. We have many years experience developing server side with languages like PHP, NodeJS and C#. If there is a need for more exotic network service applications we have often found our refuge in the Go Programing Language.

Any application, especially those that are connected to the internet are at risk of security breaches. Here, proper user management, authentication, authorization, encryption and hashing is key. Application of secure coding practices prevent security holes from the start. Any data that doesn't need to be on a server cannot be leaked from that server if it is not stored there in the first place.

Database design

Many websites and applications are a portal to the data stored in one or more databases. There are many databases management systems and around and each system has its own strengths and quirks. Getting the most out of a growing database can be challenging, even with a sound and well designed database model. An optimization in one database management system can completely lock up another. We have plenty of experience working with database management systems like SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Mobile app development

Sometimes you can not get around building a native app for mobile devices. You may want to use mobile capabilities that are not well supported by web browsers. That is where platforms like Apache Cordova come in. With Cordova you can build native apps using web-based technologies for many different mobile operating systems at once. We have succesfully build and published multiple native apps for Android and iOS using this technology.

Need more speed and power from your device? We can build native applications in Java for Android and Swift for iOS. Big downside is, though the app can be designed once, it needs to be build twice.

Need even more speed and power device? We can move closer to the hardware by building (parts of) an app in c or c++ code. This involves applications as games, signal processing or other computational intensive applications. An upside besides the improved performance: The c and c++ code can be shared between Android and iOS apps.